Mahakaal Ashish Yantra is a labour of love and devotion. The Yantra has been designed to create the most potent combination of Lord Mahakaal’s blessings and other spiritual powers. At the centre of the Yantra is a miniature of the sacred Shivling of Mahakaaleshwar of Ujjain. The Shivling is astonishingly life-like, as if Mahakaal is there right in front of you.

Surrounding the Shivling are members of Lord Shiva’s family, with other divine Yantras and Symbols, whose combined divinity brings a golden dawn of peace and prosperity for your home and family.

Ma Parvati in the form of Shakti, Bhagwan Ganesha, Bhagwan Kartikeya, Shiv Yantra, Omkar Yantra, Rudra Yantra, Seven Chakras, Triangle ie Yoni, Trishul ie 3 Godesses Saraswati-Kaali-Laxmi, Petals ie Lord Shiva’s Ganas, and Damru.

There are five holy Mantras and a Stotra engraved on Mahakaal Ashish Yantra. Chanting them daily brings definite positive energy into your home and life.

The Yantra has been manufactured using a combination Brass and Special Alloy. Our talented artisans have painstakingly done beautiful Meenakari on it to create a masterpiece. And finally, Swami Shivanand Das and his team have performed Pran-pratistha as per authentic Vedic rituals to energize and empower it with Mahakaal’s divine presence.
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