Shiva in Hinduism means one of the top three Brahman aspects also said to be trimurties with function of destruction universally. The abode of Lord Shiva is Kailash and his loved consort is Parvati with divine sons Ganesha and Kartikeya who also hold a very pious place in Hindu pantheon. The bull Nandi is the rath of Lord Shiva. Shaivism comes next to Vaisnavism where it connects to the masses with no castism that comes from the birth.

Lord Shiva is worshiped by millions in many names and forms which include the pleasant as well as the fierce forms. 80% of the Hindu literature is dedicated to Lord Shiva with Vishnu and Shakti including the Vedas. Shiva also known as Bholenath is very innocent and easy to please as Lord Shiva is very pure at heart, innocent and grant boons to all his devotees even if the devotee is having some defect and not to the mark. One can be very sure of Lord Shiv’s love and compassion.

Lord Shiva being very unconventional is always ready to break all social customs and moral codes in reference to his state of freedom. Lord Shiva the tantra lord permits to sublimate the tendencies of evil meaning by transcend to achieve freedom. Lord Shiva in the living body is in the form of a living soul and to achieve liberation one has to get purified and for the same Lord Shiva is worshiped.

To pray to Lord Shiva neither temple nor priest is required, only your pure heart which will connect you straight to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva willingly accepts the anger of his devotees so one should not feel guilty to acknowledge the anger in front of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva has given great love and respect to his consort with a place next to him meaning by respect for wife and the true family values.

Lord Shiva the right deity to worship for a right direction in life as Lord Shiva has immense powers for destruction of pride, ego, delusion meaning by a constant spiritual growth. Lord Shiva the teacher of the world with knowledge in form of Ganga and source of science, art and craft.