In this chaotic world the antidote to anxiety is prayer. In this anxious world about anything and everything prayer is the only path to present your petition and request to god , it can be thanks giving also. Prayer alleviates our weariness , deepens our relationship with god , brings us closer to him and the connection between the lord and us can only be established through prayer.

Prayer in a way is conversing with the almighty just like we converse with our friends and close ones. By praying we get ourselves transformed and renewed and share our innermost being with the god. As god cares for us so we pray for our well being and god is so kind that he is interested in every aspect of our lives. God always promises to protect, help and listen. While praying we surrender and release our actual thoughts and worries.

Prayer is the only path where oneself overcomes temptations and help determining the will of god with an accomplishment of the work of god. In this modern time prayer is the only weapon for fighting the spiritual battle , the spiritual realm which directly influences the natural and the material realm

Prayer is the most multifaceted gift of devotion that the god has bestowed on the human beings or in another words the humanity. God views prayer in an incomprehensible value. It is prayer itself which is inherently valuable to god in other words we see any answers from god or not god is always standing beside us.

Prayer is a relationship with god and our deepest desires which include thanks and praises. Prayer allows us to participate in the work of god, gives us the power to fight the evil. Prayer keeps us humble and have the privilege to experience the almighty. It is only prayer which succeeds when all the other means fail.Prayer fulfills the emotional needs and strengthens the bond betwen the believers .