Taxi Driver – Raju Shyam – Sudden Death
I am a taxi driver. Often I witness accidents on the road. Vehicles break down, people die. This developed a fear in me. Earlier the fear was only a little, but with due courses of time it kept increasing and one fine day I quit driving taxi forever. I used to feel panicky merely by sitting in the car. My income stopped as I couldn’t drive taxi anymore. One day my wife ordered for Mahakaal Ashish Yantra and she kept the Yantra in our temple at home. There was a pendant along with the Yantra which she asked me to wear. To my surprise my fear was gone away with the wind. I started driving taxi again and now I strongly believe as if Lord Mahakaal Himself is saving me from all danger and accidents. Jai Mahakaal!
Male actor [30yrs]
Money success focus dedication got chanalised
Success ke liye mai kai saalon se Film & TV industry mein struggle kar raha tha. Achhe role na milne ke karan frustrated tha. Apna talent dikhane ka mauka hi nahi milta. Maine logo se milna aur production houses jana band kar diya. Kahte hain na, badi bahan ma ki tarah hoti hai? Mera struggle dekh meri didi ne mujhe Mahakaal Ashish Yantra ke baare mein bataya. TV par ad bhi dikhaya. Aur maine manga liya. Sochne waali baat hai ki mera khoya confidence laut aaya. Maine mulaakaatein shuru keen, achche roles ke offer aane lage, mujhe kaam se satisfaction milne laga. Aur paisa bhi. Mujhe lagta hai mera kaamayaabi ka sapna zaroor poora hoga. Jai Mahakaal!
Male actor [30yrs]
Money success focus dedication got chanalised
I was struggling for success in Film & TV industry for years. I was so frustrated; I couldn’t get any good roles to play. I wasn’t getting any opportunity to show my talent. I stopped meeting people or going to production houses to look for work. As they rightly say, an elder sister is like a mother. She saw my struggle and suggested Mahakaal Ashish Yantra. She also showed me TV ad. I just had to order it right away. Surprising enough, I got my lost confidence. I started meeting people again, looking for work, and soon I started receiving good role offers. I am now satisfied with my work. Even money was good. I am now confident; my dream to succeed will soon be a reality. Jai Mahakaal!
Old lady [60yrs]
Brought harmony to my house
My only two sons could never get along. Thay would fight all the time. Things were looking so bad we were already looking at Batwara – split properties and separate. Even after our efforts, they wouldn’t see eye to eye with each other. Our family was on the verge of breaking apart. Bless those neighbors who advised Mahakaal Ashish Yantra.They also told that ritual to be performed on every yantra. Ever since the day I had this planted, there is a positive vibe in our house, pleasant in fact. I also noticed the change in the behavior of my two sons. They weren’t angry all the time, were more tolerant than before. Forget about the split, on the contrary they returned to their earlier lovable selves. I have full faith this was all the virtue of Mahakaal Ashish Yantra.
Married woman [27yrs]
Got my in-laws blessing for love marriage
Rohan and I were fond of each other for 4 years. Unfortunately, his family was against the marriage. They were planning to get him married to someone else. I was broke even by the simple thought of loosing Rohan (moist eyes). By the grace of God, I saw this TV ad of Mahakal Ashish Yantra. I ordered it right away and installed it in my house. I quietly gave the pendant to Rohan to wear. I regularly worshipped Yantra. Today we are married. The marriage was performed witht eh blessings of both family’s blessings. I am so happy to have found Rohan (smiles). Now, both of our day starts with worshipping Mahakaal Ashish Yantra.
Man [35yrs]
I regained my health
I used to get sick so frequently, that i would be vising hospital more than I would go to work. My job was at risk. I was surfing channels on Tv one day when I saw Mahakaal Ashish Yantra’s ad. According to that, it is as good as having Mahakaal Bhagwan by your side. I kept my faith and ordered the same. I kept the yantra at my place of worship and immediately wore the pendant. I continued taking my medicines. It was only Mahakaal’s blessing that my health is now better than ever. Now my health is stable, and so is my job.
My daughter’s marriage got fixed
My daughter was already reaching 30. Even though she had all the quialities, her marriage wasn’t getting fixed. We met many prospects, but there was also one or other road block on our way. Soon, distance relatives and neighbors started talking behind our backs which made me feel sad all the time. A colleague of mine suggested to bring home Mahakaal Ashish Yantra. He said, it has Mahakaal ritually evoked in this one. I ordered the same and both of us started worshipping it regularly. My daughter wore the Pendant. Soon we were blessed by the Mahakaal and my daughter got married in a nice house hold. Today she is very happy. Mahakaal Ashish Yantra proved to be quite a blessing – ashish – for us.
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