Miracles are a major part of all traditions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism. In addition to the feats of gods and goddesses described in scriptures , the belief is human mystic performs amazing feats like levitating , healing the sick, surviving for years without drinking and eating. Miracles demonstrates freedom possibility from the limits of the material world and the spiritual burden of the past.

By way of worship it is believed that the human mind can be trained to unleash powers not as apparent which is said to be miraculous. By way of worship miracles like having been able to fly through the air, hearing long distance sounds, able to read other peoples mind.

Miracles of worship is been seen from the ancient times. people have seen and experienced of saints and yogis. Just to quote an example a Bengali saint namely Chaitanya wrote many miracles in his life time. This saint had pulled single handed the chariot of jagannath puri when it got stuck during its yatra.

In the ancient days VIMANA meaning flying chariots and planes mentioned in the vedas. The city of dwarka, The ram sethu, The Jwala Devi temple where a set of flame is always burning in Himachal Pradesh, The Hanuman garhi where Lord Hanuman waited for Lord Rama when he was exiled.

Godly miracles are wonders of power of the almighty God for His glory, and for the benefit of man. Their effects grasp the senses of sight, hearing, etc. God’s divine power in the miracle acts either directly, or immediately through creatures or inanimate things. Miracles command unnatural events utilizing the laws of nature and validate divine revelations.

Miracles are gods living interaction with the humanity. God has done miracles , feeding the hungry, freeing the demon-possessed, and liberating those that follow him from the bondage of sin and corruption , healing the sick and many more.