Mahakal Ashish Yantra

Power of this universe is Shiv and the most powerful emblem of Shiv is Mahakaal of Ujjan. It is believed that if someone has the blessings of Mahakaal, even Kaal (death) cannot do any harm to him.

Presenting here the creation of the century, Mahakaal Ashish Yantra…..whose advent will open the doors of positive change in your life.

In the centre of the Yantra we have replica of Shivling of Mahakaal. This replica of Mahakaal is so alive as if Mahakaal is present right in front of you. You can anoint this Shivling with either milk or water every day.

There is Shiv’s family and other divine yantras and symbols surrounding Shivling from all four sides, whose combined effect will bring golden dawn of peace in your home and family.

Lord Ganesha, Kartikeya, mother Parvati in the form of power, Ardhnareeshwar, Shiv Yantra, Omkaar Yantra, Seven Chakra, Triangle means Yoni, Trishul, petals means disciples of Shivji and Damru.

Chanting of five holy Mantra and Stotra engraved on Mahakaal Ashish Yantra will energise your life. Mahakaal Ashish Yantra is being made by exclusive Shiv devotee, world famous astrologer and eminent scholar, Swami Shivanad Das ji . Swamiji perform rituals for Pran Pratishtha of Mahakaal in every Yantra so that same power and blessings reaches you as that of Mahakaleshwar of Ujjain. There is a special audio CD of rare Mantra of Mahakaal, one five-faced Rudraksh, and one pocket card too enclosed with Mahakaal Ashish Yantra.

And with this Mahakaal Ashish Yantra comes Mahakaal Ashish pendant and chain too. You and your dear ones can get protection of Mahakaal by wearing this.

Mahakaal Ashish Yantra is made by combining brass and other special alloys. Beautiful and minute meena work done by talented artisans makes it a piece of art. And we are incorporating Bhasm, flower and water too direct from the Mahakaleshwar Mandir of Ujjain with this.

You can establish this Mahakaal Ashish Yantra in your puja ghar, hall, kitchen, study table, office, workshop, factory and car.

This is an unmatched gift too which you can gift on the auspicious occasions of birth of newborn baby, birthday, janeu, marriage, grih pravesh and marriage anniversary as the blessings of Bhagwan Mahakaal.

This unmatched Mahakaal Ashish Yantra, which comes as precious blessings of Mahakaal in your life, reaches you at 5990/- only which includes delivery charges and 18% GST. You can pay through cash on delivery or Paytm. You can visit our website and pay online through credit card, debit card or netbanking and avail a discount of 500/- rupees. So welcome the golden blessings of Prabhu Mahakaal in your life. Call the numbers given on the screen and order your Mahakaal Ashish Yantra now. Jai Mahakaal !!!
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