The lord of lords Shiva also worshiped as The Natraja, The Rudra , The Vishwanatha, The Neelkantha and The Bholenath. Lord shiva is formless, destroyer, Transcendent, unchanging and the Transformer with a no end and no beginning. Lord shiva is very unconventional so a interesting endearing deity.

There is no comparison of love between Shiva and Mata Parvati as lord Shiva being an ideal husband always treated Mata Parvati with love respect and equality. It is a fact that the unmarried girls fast and desire a husband like lord Shiva because lord Shiva never asked Mata Parvati to sit near his feet but rather gave her a position next to him.

A contrasting character is lord Shiva meaning repulsion as well as acceptance with the potential to create dissolution combining serenity, tranquillity, radiance , temperaments meaning there by a balance.

Impartiality goes with lord Shiva irrespective of deity or demon for all his devotees. This is the reason why lord Shiva is also called Bholenath. Injustice and evil is never tolerated by lord Shiva as he destroys the evil things.

Dance a feminine art also comes along with lord shiva in the name of NATRAJA meaning the king of dance. The connotation of word NATRAJA is natya meaning Dance and raja meaning king. Lord Shiva is a foremost yogi despite he being the lord of universe and not living like a king. Lord Shiva never wears any ornaments or clothes except the lion skin with rudraksha and a snake, an ash which depicts the final destiny in reference to all materialistic aspects of the world.

The other name of lord Shiva is Ashutosh meaning by very unique and easy to please with only water and bilva leaves. Lord Shiva is very benevolent with unity and harmony in diversity. The androgynous form of lord Shiva is ARDHANARISHWAR depicting the male and the female aspect which signifies PURUSHA and PRAKARTI as one necessity.

The wholeness hat lies beyond dualism is ardhanareshwar which should be the main aspect of all human beings.