Why worship Lord Shiva?

Shiva in Hinduism means one of the top three Brahman aspects also said to be trimurties with function of destruction universally. The abode of Lord Shiva is Kailash and his loved consort is Parvati with divine sons Ganesha and Kartikeya who also hold a very pious place in Hindu pantheon. The bull Nandi is the rath of Lord Shiva. Shaivism comes next to Vaisnavism where it connects to the masses with no castism that comes from the birth.

Lord Shiva is worshiped by millions in many names and forms which include the pleasant as well as the fierce forms. 80% of the Hindu literature is dedicated to Lord Shiva with Vishnu and Shakti including the Vedas. Shiva also known as Bholenath is very innocent and easy to please as Lord Shiva is very pure at heart, innocent and grant boons to all his devotees even if the devotee is having some defect and not to the mark. One can be very sure of Lord Shiv’s love and compassion.

Lord Shiva being very unconventional is always ready to break all social customs and moral codes in reference to his state of freedom. Lord Shiva the tantra lord permits to sublimate the tendencies of evil meaning by transcend to achieve freedom. Lord Shiva in the living body is in the form of a living soul and to achieve liberation one has to get purified and for the same Lord Shiva is worshiped.

To pray to Lord Shiva neither temple nor priest is required, only your pure heart which will connect you straight to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva willingly accepts the anger of his devotees so one should not feel guilty to acknowledge the anger in front of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva has given great love and respect to his consort with a place next to him meaning by respect for wife and the true family values.

Lord Shiva the right deity to worship for a right direction in life as Lord Shiva has immense powers for destruction of pride, ego, delusion meaning by a constant spiritual growth. Lord Shiva the teacher of the world with knowledge in form of Ganga and source of science, art and craft.

what is the history behind Mahakumbh Mela?

Kumbha the word comes from immortal pot of nectar for which the demigods and the demons fought with each other as per the Vedic scriptures described in the ancient times also known as the puranas. These Vedas stood the test of time wherein this tradition got evolved which is worldly known as the Kumbha mela.

This festival The Kumbhamela is a Hindu festival of faith where devotees gather to take a dip in the sacred holy river. There are widely four recognized fairs of Kumbha mela which are namely The HaridwarKumbha, The AllahabadKumbha, The NasikTrambakeshwar and The Ujjainsimhasta. The fairs are held by rotation periodically at these places.

The festive site is always the banks of Ganges in Haridwar with the confluence of Yamuna, Saraswathi at Allahabad, The Godavari at Nasik and The Kshipra at Ujjain. During the festive period the devotees bathe in the holy waters to wash their sins and make themselves pure by heart.

The Kumbha is held every 12 years with a three year difference in the Kumbha mela held at haridwar and nasik. The Kumbha mela at Ujjain and Nasik are celebrated either the same year or one year apart. The date of the Kumbha mela is calculated as per the vikramsamvat based on jyotisha principles in accordance with the zodiac positions of Jupiter, the moon and the sun. A fact also is that half Kumbha mela is celebrated every sixth year at Allahabad and Nasik with the MahaKumbha mela occurring after 144 years.

As the Hindu mythology goes lord Vishnu dropped few drops of THE DRINK OF IMMORTALITY known as The AMRITA while pouring into a pot called as Kumbha at four places which are the present sites of the Kumbha mela.

This festival is considered in the world as the largest peaceful gathering with pilgrims congregation no festival ever has matched.

Lord Shiva Characteristics

The lord of lords Shiva also worshiped as The Natraja, The Rudra , The Vishwanatha, The Neelkantha and The Bholenath. Lord shiva is formless, destroyer, Transcendent, unchanging and the Transformer with a no end and no beginning. Lord shiva is very unconventional so a interesting endearing deity.

There is no comparison of love between Shiva and Mata Parvati as lord Shiva being an ideal husband always treated Mata Parvati with love respect and equality. It is a fact that the unmarried girls fast and desire a husband like lord Shiva because lord Shiva never asked Mata Parvati to sit near his feet but rather gave her a position next to him.

A contrasting character is lord Shiva meaning repulsion as well as acceptance with the potential to create dissolution combining serenity, tranquillity, radiance , temperaments meaning there by a balance.

Impartiality goes with lord Shiva irrespective of deity or demon for all his devotees. This is the reason why lord Shiva is also called Bholenath. Injustice and evil is never tolerated by lord Shiva as he destroys the evil things.

Dance a feminine art also comes along with lord shiva in the name of NATRAJA meaning the king of dance. The connotation of word NATRAJA is natya meaning Dance and raja meaning king. Lord Shiva is a foremost yogi despite he being the lord of universe and not living like a king. Lord Shiva never wears any ornaments or clothes except the lion skin with rudraksha and a snake, an ash which depicts the final destiny in reference to all materialistic aspects of the world.

The other name of lord Shiva is Ashutosh meaning by very unique and easy to please with only water and bilva leaves. Lord Shiva is very benevolent with unity and harmony in diversity. The androgynous form of lord Shiva is ARDHANARISHWAR depicting the male and the female aspect which signifies PURUSHA and PRAKARTI as one necessity.

The wholeness hat lies beyond dualism is ardhanareshwar which should be the main aspect of all human beings.

Miracles of Worship

Miracles are a major part of all traditions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism. In addition to the feats of gods and goddesses described in scriptures , the belief is human mystic performs amazing feats like levitating , healing the sick, surviving for years without drinking and eating. Miracles demonstrates freedom possibility from the limits of the material world and the spiritual burden of the past.

By way of worship it is believed that the human mind can be trained to unleash powers not as apparent which is said to be miraculous. By way of worship miracles like having been able to fly through the air, hearing long distance sounds, able to read other peoples mind.

Miracles of worship is been seen from the ancient times. people have seen and experienced of saints and yogis. Just to quote an example a Bengali saint namely Chaitanya wrote many miracles in his life time. This saint had pulled single handed the chariot of jagannath puri when it got stuck during its yatra.

In the ancient days VIMANA meaning flying chariots and planes mentioned in the vedas. The city of dwarka, The ram sethu, The Jwala Devi temple where a set of flame is always burning in Himachal Pradesh, The Hanuman garhi where Lord Hanuman waited for Lord Rama when he was exiled.

Godly miracles are wonders of power of the almighty God for His glory, and for the benefit of man. Their effects grasp the senses of sight, hearing, etc. God’s divine power in the miracle acts either directly, or immediately through creatures or inanimate things. Miracles command unnatural events utilizing the laws of nature and validate divine revelations.

Miracles are gods living interaction with the humanity. God has done miracles , feeding the hungry, freeing the demon-possessed, and liberating those that follow him from the bondage of sin and corruption , healing the sick and many more.

Why do we pray to God?

In this chaotic world the antidote to anxiety is prayer. In this anxious world about anything and everything prayer is the only path to present your petition and request to god , it can be thanks giving also. Prayer alleviates our weariness , deepens our relationship with god , brings us closer to him and the connection between the lord and us can only be established through prayer.

Prayer in a way is conversing with the almighty just like we converse with our friends and close ones. By praying we get ourselves transformed and renewed and share our innermost being with the god. As god cares for us so we pray for our well being and god is so kind that he is interested in every aspect of our lives. God always promises to protect, help and listen. While praying we surrender and release our actual thoughts and worries.

Prayer is the only path where oneself overcomes temptations and help determining the will of god with an accomplishment of the work of god. In this modern time prayer is the only weapon for fighting the spiritual battle , the spiritual realm which directly influences the natural and the material realm

Prayer is the most multifaceted gift of devotion that the god has bestowed on the human beings or in another words the humanity. God views prayer in an incomprehensible value. It is prayer itself which is inherently valuable to god in other words we see any answers from god or not god is always standing beside us.

Prayer is a relationship with god and our deepest desires which include thanks and praises. Prayer allows us to participate in the work of god, gives us the power to fight the evil. Prayer keeps us humble and have the privilege to experience the almighty. It is only prayer which succeeds when all the other means fail.Prayer fulfills the emotional needs and strengthens the bond betwen the believers .

Mahakumbh – Ujjain – The years it happened

Ujjain is the holiest city in the Mythology blessed by lord Shiva the Mahakaal. The simhasta Kumbhaa mela is a very pious and celebrated festival in Ujjain as because of the seat of Mahakaal making the manthan possible by consuming the deadly poison which poured out after the churning.

During the Kumbhaa mela astronomical positions are similar which had led to the Samudra manthan in the ancient period with the nectar falling at four different places on earth. The cosmic energy felt during the festival is same which in earlier days the devotees use to feel and for the same all devotees during this festival gather for a dip in the holy waters. It is said that the waters are so pure that all sins of you and even of your ancestors gets washed.

Legends tell from bygone days of the universe that the demigods and the demons conjointly produced the nectar of immortality. The demigods as cursed and crippled of fear, the task being too sturdy made arrangements with the demons to complete the task by agreeing to share the nectar of immortality in half but demons never got the nectar even after fierce fighting with the demigods. The poison coming out of the churning was gulped by Lord Shiva.

A prevalent legend is the demigods went behind the demons for 12 days and 12 nights, and the drops of elixir of immortality fell at four places. The four places then believed to have acquired mystical powers because 12 days of gods and 12 years of humans are this festival is celebrated every 12 years at river Godavari in Nasik, river Kshipra in Ujjain, river Ganges in Haridwar, and Sangam of Ganges in Allahabad,

The time line for Kumbha mela in Ujjain goes as—

1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

The last Mahakumb happened in 2016 at Ujjain which was a huge garner of crowd from all over the world.

How to worship Lord Shiva!

Lord Shiva among all the Hindu Gods is considered to be the most Divine so the name Mahadeva meaning by the greatest God. His excellence does not need any divine support as lord Shiva has no birth and lord Shiva is said to give blessings and boon to his devotees faster than any other Gods.

The father of universe and the mother of universe are lord Shiva and Mata Parvati also known as THE UNIVERSAL PARENTS. Lord Shiva pronounced by many names like The Jatadhara, The Trinetra, The Neelkanth, The Gangadhara.

Lord Shiva having disregard for the worldly pleasures reside in the burial grounds so he does not need any kind of gold ornaments or good clothing unlike the other Gods. To get a boon from lord Shiva one has to pray with a composed mind and a pleasant heart.

To worship lord Shiva the devotee with clean mind and heart should visit the temple on every Monday reciting the MAHA MRITUNJAYA MANTRA as many times as one can recite so that he overcomes fatal diseases and untimely death. The devotee should also on his fore head apply bhasm and also do Abhishek to the lingam by bhasm and water.

The most favourite of lord Shiva is the bilwa leaves ( Bel patra) which should be offered on the lingam of Shiva. The mythology says that before worshipping lord Shiva one should worship lord Ganesha his divine son so that all kind of obstacles are removed during the course of prayer and thereon the blessings.

To light a deep or a Jyoti is considered auspicious as it is also a prayer to lord shakti the other form of Mata Parvati the best half of lord Shiva. A devotee should also try to visit one of the jyotirlingas and specially on Monday while going to the temple of lord Shiva he should carry some prasad which to be distributed to people at the temple.

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