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Lord Mahakaal is known to be the most powerful form of Shiva. It is said that even Kaal cannot harm if you are blessed by Mahakaal. And that’s the reason why millions throng Ujjain to seek Mahakaaleshwar’s blessings for a long and meaningful life.

We are living in troubled times. Each day starts with dreadful and depressing news of unfortunate incidents happening across our city, state, nation and the world. Society is losing morality and conscience at an alarming pace. Simple living and high thinking have given way to contorted ideals and complicated relations. The result is a life full of stress, anger, disharmony, irreverence and bestiality. You never know what and who is working against you, and where. There is an insecurity lurking in the shadows every moment.

And this is what makes Mahakaal even more relevant today. His blessings safeguard against evil, negativity, bad vibes, insecurity and untimely death.

Not everyone is able to go to Ujjain regularly because of time, distance and money constraints. Then how does one experience Mahakaal on a daily basis? Mahakaal Ashish Yantra is the answer. It helps you experience Mahakaal whenever and wherever you want, and live life with a sense of divine blessings and security.

Mahakaal Ashish Yantra is our labour of love and devotion. It took almost 2 years to develop and bring to its present form. It wasn’t easy to create such an intricate piece of art. There was designing, and there was research. Swami Shivanand Das created the design and went on to add powerful yantras, mantras and symbols to it. The idea was to make a potent combination of Lord Mahakaal and other powers. Then came manufacturing. Technology wasn’t supporting us enough. We went through failure after failure, but that couldn’t stop us from just being at it. And after toiling day and night, we were able to crack the physical form. Once that was ready, our talented artisans painstakingly did Meenakari on each yantra to create a masterpiece. And finally, Swami Shivanand Das and his team performed Pran-pratistha as per authentic Vedic rituals to energize and empower the yantra with Mahakaal’s divine presence. And here it is in your hands, an exquisite Mahakaal Ashsh Yantra, a supreme symbol of divinity.

We have carefully selected each and every raw material of the yantra to ensure years of durability. The brass, the special alloy, the exclusive coatings, the authentic meenakari, everything ensures that you enjoy years of devotional bliss. You can do regular Jal and Doodh – Abhishek. The energized Pendant is identical to the Shivling with the additional flexibility of being worn on person. The chain has a durable gold plating that maintains its sheen for quite some time. The energized Rudraksh has been carefully selected for its powers. The Audio CD includes a powerful Mahakaal Mantra the vibrations of which will cleanse your place off all negativity. The Pocket card can be carried in your purse or wallet to keep it blessed. We have included 2 bookmarks and this Poster as well so that you are surrounded by Mahakaal 24/7.

Do remember, when all doors close on you, the doors of God open. So go ahead and experience rare positivity, energy and security through your Mahakaal Ashish Yantra. And once you have experienced the change, do try and help others experience the same. God Bless.
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