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Lord Shiva is the power behind the Universe, and Lord Mahakaal of Ujjain is HIS most powerful form. It is believed that even Kaal cannot harm someone blessed by Mahakaal.

Presenting for the first time ever, Mahakaal Ashish Yantra…..the advent of whom will open the doors of positive change in your life.

At the centre of the Yantra is the miniature of the sacred Shivling of Mahakaal. The Shivling is astonishingly life-like, as if Mahakaal is there right in front of you. Go ahead and consecrate with milk or water every day.


The Mahakaal Pocket Yantra is a smaller form of the Mahakaal Ashish Yantra. It has Bhagwan Mahakaal on one side and the 6 chosen Yantras on the other…

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Mahakaal Ashish Pendant is identical to the Shivling with the added flexibility of being worn on person. The creation process for the Pendant…

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The Rudraksh has been carefully chosen by Swamiji for your benefit. Scientifically, Rudraksh helps control our blood pressure…

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CD & Pocket Yantra

The Audio CD has rendition of a rare Mahakaal Mantra created by Swamiji. This mantra is not available anywhere else. Experiencing the Mantra…

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Mahakaal Ashish Yantra has been created by profound Shiva devotee, world famous Astrologer and eminent Scholar, Swami Shivanad Das. Swamiji energises each Yantra by performing Pran-Pratishtha of Mahakaal, so that you experience the same power and blessings that one experiences at Mahakaleshwar of Ujjain.

The Yantra includes an audio CD of a powerful Mahakaal Mantra specially created by Swamiji, a five-face Rudraksh, and a Mahakaal Pocket Card too.

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We have carefully selected each and every raw material of the yantra to ensure years of durability. The brass, the special alloy, the exclusive coatings, the authentic meenakari, everything ensures that you enjoy years of devotional bliss. You can do regular Jal and Doodh – Abhishek.


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